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          The image on the left is a photo of an xray I discovered in the book Caravaggio by Alfred Moir.  He credits this image to the Istituto Centrale del Restauro in Rome.  It is an xray of Caravaggio's painting The Martardom of St. Matthew.

From this xray-image, I have been rendering studies of the light patterns, textures,  metamorpic shapes and structural movements.

Currently, there are several large canvases in progress as well as numerous smaller studies on both paper and canvas as well as some digital studies.  I often use archival printouts of the xray as a base on which to paint.

Below are a few of the smaller studies.  I will update the images when I am able to photograph more of them.

( xrayart2 )
( xrayart4 )
( xrayart3 )
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